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Star Wars Mash-Ups
Reported by Mark on 16 Mar 2012 20:14

The team at CBR have shined the light on a very curious idea - insane Star Wars mash-ups.

Imagine, Boba Fett meets Deadpool. Artoo and Threepio meets Machine Man, Devil Dinosaur fights the rancor. Han, Luke, Chewie and Leia are redefined as the Fantastic Four and Harley Quinn is suddenly a Twi'lek. Very cool, and you can check it out here.

In honor of Star Wars concept artist Ralph McQuarrie's recent passing, a group of artists at Comic Book Resources' The Line It Is Drawn illustration competition imagined a world where just about anybody could enter the Galaxy Far, Far Away. There's no Jaxxon/Bucky O'Hare crossover, but the results are otherwise delightful.

Source: Comic Book Resources (via io9)

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