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Topps Announces Launch Details
Reported by Matt on 01 Sep 2013 12:32

Topps release their plans for the UK market in late 2013 and 2014 and included is a prominent Star Wars release and news of a UK tour.

Among the highlights are Topps Match Attax, Match Attax Premier League 2013-14 (hitting the shelves on 26th September), Star Wars Force Attax Trading Card Game, Moshi Monsters Moshling Madness (available from 5th September 2013), Skylanders Swap Force Collector Cards (available for purchase from 16th September 2013), Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Edition (launching on Saturday 23rd November), and WWE Slam Attax Superstars (launching in October, ahead of the WWE Live Tour taking place at 11 locations around the UK).

Topps on tour

Topps is also taking to the road this October to offer fans the opportunity to get up-close to their favourite brands. Five free-to-attend events for kids and families will be held across the UK between 27th and 31st October, and will enable Topps to showcase all of the key launch products and partners.

Dominic D’altilia, sports marketing manager for Topps, commented: “The Topps October Tour will provide us with the ideal opportunity to recruit new ambassadors for our collectable ranges and enable us to engage with consumers face-to-face at one of our biggest sampling campaigns of the year.”

Source: ToyWorld Mag

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