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Now, This is Podcasting! Star Wars Oral History Specials
Reported by Mark on 01 Sep 2013 05:20

The team at Now This is Podcasting want your help in compiling an oral history of Star Wars, specifically your first memories of the saga and what got you involved.

Tell us your story!’s Now, This is Podcasting! Would like to collect your stories about how you first encountered Star Wars and the process that lead you to considering yourself a fan. Your first memories and impressions are of particular importance to us.

Your personal story can be of any length and time. Send us a digital recording to In your recording, please state your name (pseudonym or nicknames are fine) and that you give permission to use your story for their podcasts.

It is our hope that we get participants from all the various generations of Star Wars to share their experiences with us. We know that Star Wars is an important part of your lives and we feel it is something that should be documented and shared.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Jason Ward at Thank you, and we look forward to hearing about your experiences!

Sounds like fun. Get your memories across to the team now.

Source: Making Star Wars

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