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Star Trek Into Darkness: Simon Pegg Accused Of Lying Over Star Trek Backtrack
Reported by Mark on 31 Aug 2013 12:29

Here's an object lesson in how not? to backtrack. Last week Simon Pegg very vocally let the many thousands of attendees of the Official Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas know what he thought of them after a completely unscientific poll voted Star Trek Into Darkness the worst of the 12 Star Trek movies. Here's what Pegg originally said.

“A lot of hard work and love went into that movie, and all JJ wanted to do was make a film that people really enjoyed.

“So, to be subject to that level of sort of, like, crass f**king ire, I just say f**k you. Not you, but the people who said that.”

Now the Scotty actor is claiming that he was doorstepped. Speaking to Collider he said:

Can I just please point out, following a few recent headlines of 'Simon Pegg says 'f**k you' to Star Trek fans,' I was doorstepped by a journalist very early in the morning who told me that Into Darkness had been voted the worst in a poll or something.”

Check after the break to see how the plot deliciously thickens.

Huffington Post author Mike Ryan, who conducted the original interview with Pegg, went on to Twitter to defend himself.

Can't wait to see the conclusion of this one.

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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