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John Williams Confirmed to Score New Star Wars Sequel Trilogy
Reported by Justin on 28 Aug 2013 16:35

We've finally gotten the official confirmation we've been waiting for with regards to John Williams and his involvement in the upcoming Sequel Trilogy. As you may recall, the big news that was revealed during Kathleen Kennedy's panel at Celebration Europe was the announcement that Mr. Williams would be returning to score Episode VII.

Fans who were following along with the official Star Wars liveblog during the panel might recall Kennedy had initially stated that Mr. Williams would be scoring all 3 films. However, the announcement posted on the official site only confirmed his attachment to Episode VII and not the rest of the planned Sequel Trilogy.

According to the image below taken from page 7 of the latest issue of Star Wars Insider #144, Mr. Williams will indeed be scoring all 3 films (click the image for a larger view).

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