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Official Blog: The World of Star Wars: Kenobi
Reported by Mark on 26 Aug 2013 22:22

Kenobi arrives tomorrow, as does our review, but until then take a look at this excellent blog piece by author John Jackson Miller as he explains some of the locations seen in the novel.

Set in the days following Star Wars: Episode III, the story does all that, while depicting the urgency of Kenobi’s mission to go underground and his pain over the events that have befallen the galaxy. It also depicts how his presence affects the world around him, as it certainly must. A body in motion tends to remain in motion, and Obi-Wan cannot resist the drive to help people in need. Even here, at the farthest place from the bright center of the galaxy!

Tatooine, I knew, would be one of the stars of the story. And so we learn about the place as he does, becoming fully immersed in a world of deserts and dangers. It’s a world that had been detailed many times in past works; drawing on that, the result, hopefully, is a setting you can wrap yourself up and lose yourself in.

But not for want of a map! Because most of the locations in Kenobi have been placed before on previous published maps. Some, like the Pika Oasis, were no more than names, waiting — until now — to be fleshed out; others, like Mos Eisley, existed in highly detailed forms already.

Source: Official Blog

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