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   20 September 2014
Star Wars Rebels: Sixth Episode Breakdown
Reported by Mark on 20 Sep 2014 16:57

Bianca Zimmer over at sends us this English translation of the breakdown of the sixth episode of Star Wars Rebels.

"The Rebels send Ezra under a false name to the imperial academy to steal a decoder. There he meets two new friends: Zare and Jai, who belong to the best cadets like himself. When Ezra discovered that the emperor will call the best to himself, he and the two others are trying to escape from the academy. But as they get close to succeed, Zare changes his mind and wants to stay in the academy, because it’s the only way how he is able to find his lost sister."

ANOVOS Vader Costume Giveaway on Nerdist!
Reported by StephenG on 20 Sep 2014 09:32

Check out this great giveaway:

ANOVOS manufacture some of the most painstakingly detailed replica costumes in the world. You might remember their Admiral Kirk (Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan) costume as the apple of Matt Mira’s eye during San Diego Comic-Con. Now, ANOVOS have unveiled their latest offering and you don’t need to be attuned to the Force to know that you need it in your life: Darth Vader. Modeled after the villain’s iconic look from The Empire Strikes Back, the fully wearable costume is a comfortable, exceedingly accurate way to become just like Darth Vader without having most of your face melted off by lava, which is a win in our book.

MORE on Vader

Source Nerdist.Com
   19 September 2014
Old Star Wars Vehicles Hitting Retail Again
Reported by Dan on 19 Sep 2014 20:40

Ollie's discount stores have been getting a huge assortment of Star Wars vehcle 2-packs from 2010-2011's Shadows of the Dark Side line, priced at $19.99 each. Your selections may vary, but nearly every single vehcile from this line has shown up this week. According to reports from our friends at JTA, K-Mart his also getting these sets as well ($14.99 each).
RUMOR: The Clone Wars Season 6 "The Lost Missions" Coming To Blu-ray And DVD
Reported by Justin on 19 Sep 2014 20:06

Heads up fellow Clone Wars fans as this potential news is something we've ALL hoped & prayed for. According to The Digital Bits, we could be getting a Blu-ray and DVD release of The Clone Wars Season 6 "The Lost Missions" before this year comes to a close.

This should be considered unofficial, but word from retail sources is that Disney (in about three weeks time) is going to announce Star Wars: The Clone Wars – The Lost Missions for Blu-ray and DVD release before the end of the year.

Keep those fingers tightly crossed this eventually leads to a Clone Wars Complete Series Blu-ray/DVD box set in the not-too-distant future.

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Source The Digital Bits
Billy Dee Williams Named In Star Wars Rebels In 'Entertainment Weekly' Fall TV Preview
Reported by Justin on 19 Sep 2014 19:50

The special double-issue Fall TV Preview of Entertainment Weekly contains a short reference to the debut of Star Wars Rebels on page 55 (click the image above for a larger view).

Of note is the mentioning of Billy Dee Williams returning as the voice of Lando Calrissian in the series. Now this isn't the first time (or even the second time) we've seen/heard BDW mentioned as being part of the Rebels voice cast, so just add this latest instance to the running list as we (hopefully) wait for an official announcement by Lucasfilm on the subject.

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Source EW
Star Wars Rebels “Generations” Trailer
Reported by Justin on 19 Sep 2014 19:42

The Jedi have been wiped out and the Empire spreads tyranny through the galaxy. Hope runs thin. But on the small planet of Lothal a big change is looming. A group of rebels meet a 14-year-old con artist named Ezra and soon it's clear their destinies are linked. Aboard their ship, the Ghost, Ezra and the rebels embark on an adventure to ignite a rebellion and strike back against the Empire.

In the US, Star Wars Rebels episodes will air Monday Nights (9:00 p.m. ET/PT) Starting Monday, October 13 on Disney XD. Worldwide, the series will air in 33 languages across 163 countries in over 400 million households.

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Source YouTube
Star Wars Minus Williams - Throne Room
Reported by Mark on 19 Sep 2014 19:34

2 million hits in under 10 days? That just shows you how funny and weirdly insightful this video is as the team at Auralnauts bring us the final scenes of A New Hope but without the iconic John Williams music.

Source YouTube
RebelForce Radio: September 19, 2014
Reported by Mark on 19 Sep 2014 18:47

Join Jason Swank and Jimmy Mac over at RebelForce Radio.

SIt’s an Episode VII-heavy week on RebelForce Radio as Kyle Newman joins us to discuss everything from black X-Wings to Adam Driver to some wild and crazy casting rumors. You know whenever Kyle joins us, he has a ton to say. This appearance does not disappoint! Learn how you can win a one-of-a-kind photo print of the shot that discovered a Star Wars shooting location. Last week’s special guest Matthew Myatt – The Man Who Found The Falcon - has given us a special signed print of his now-famous pic to give away to one lucky listener. Plus, a couple familiar droids invade Star Wars Rebels…Respect for The Maker…And tons of speculation on the future of the franchise. You don’t want to miss our now-famous 15 Minute Episode VII Spoiler Alert. And the Billy Dee Quote of the Week pays tribute to the recently lost comedy legend Joan Rivers. All this and more this week on RFR!

Contact Information: iTunes | RSS Feed | Twitter | Facebook

Source RebelForce Radio
Part 2 Of Rian Johnson Episode VIII Interview With Terry Gilliam
Reported by Justin on 19 Sep 2014 18:13

Following up on the first part of yesterday's story about Episode VIII director Rian Johnson's interview with Terry Gilliam, Slashfilm provides us with the second portion of the interview segment.

The first part of the podcast was published yesterday, which is what we originally reported on. The second part of the conversation is now online, and I have updated the bottom of this story with additional information including Episode VIII shooting schedule, the process of writing the script and shooting location.

Follow Justin on Twitter @JustinL81

Source Slashfilm
ForceCast #321: Pixel Dust
Reported by Mark on 19 Sep 2014 17:50

t's time to join your hosts Eric, Erik and Justin for the ForceCast.

J.J. Abrams shows us Star Wars: Episode VII's Millennium Falcon, a rumor may have told us Luke's whereabouts, and everyone and their mother wants a cameo in the movie. Plus, we go in-depth with our analysis of the film's "first pixel" and we discuss why you shouldn't trust Tumblr. Strap in for the jump to hyperspace, because it's time for The ForceCast!

Contact Information: Website | Twitter | Facebook

Source Forcecast
Jedi News Comic Review: Classic Star Wars The Early Adventures #5
Reported by ZakPT on 19 Sep 2014 17:43
Show Full Story

After coming under attack from Imperial forces when on route to a mission, the great Princess Leia and her accomplice Hume, must diverse a plan quickly. Leia opts to stay and fight to the death in rebellious glory while Hume worries about the survival of the Princess and the Rebellion with her. So in a drastic move Hume knocks the Princess out and decides to send her off to the nearest planet in a Gossamer Glider. But a TIE fighter has been dispatched with a set route to destroy the glider, there’s only one thing Hume can do in order to save Leia.

Although her life was fortunate her destination was not. Unbeknownst to her, the world that lay in wait for her arrival was an Imperial slave colony run by the revenge stricken Lady Tarkin, the grief stricken widow of the mighty Grand Moff Tarkin. Leia realises in order to survive she must blend in with the workers. However from previously being layered in a cloak, she stands out from the rest of the workers. Lady Tarkin spots her immediately and calls her up.

Luckily for Leia, the Tarkin does not know the face of the heroic Princess and makes her a diplomatic servant for her dinner party. After sitting in the eatery she soon finds out that two of the workers have devised a nifty escape plan from the treacherous work life. She decides to help them and all they need is for her to reach the Space Transponder and convey the message onto the rescue ship. Leia creates a plan to reach the Transponder, although one thing stands in their way of escape, the evil Sith Lord Darth Vader and his band of Stormtroopers!

Source Dark Horse
Titles & Descriptions Of First Six Star Wars Rebels Episodes
Reported by Justin on 19 Sep 2014 17:21

Via this article posted on the German website (let your browser perform the rough text translation as needed), we now have the title and episode descriptions of the first six episodes of Star Wars Rebels.

The title and descriptions for Episodes 1-5 (which includes the one-hour Spark of Rebellion premiere) have been posted earlier here on Jedi News, so technically the only new information contained in this latest report pertains to Episode 6 (106). But at least now we have all of the titles and descriptions that have been revealed (so far) in one complete list.

Thanks to @swplanet_de on Twitter for the link.

Follow Justin on Twitter @JustinL81

Official Site: Princess Leia and the Gold Metal Bikini: The Pop Culture Connections
Reported by Mark on 19 Sep 2014 17:08

Brad Ricca brings us this fascinating insight into the infamous metal bikini over at

(w)hen Luke shows up, he is not there to rescue her. He asks for “Captain Solo and the Wookiee,” not Leia. She’s always been strong. Han is the one who is helpless at that point. In fact, when Luke first sees Leia in chains, he doesn’t even bat a single, Jedi eyelash. When Jabba takes her captive, Lando just hangs out in a dark corner with his weird-teeth hat.

No one is worried about her.

Sitting in the audience, we are mesmerized by Leia, but terrified of what is happening to her. Her friends know better. When Leia finally escapes, she does it herself – using the chains to choke Jabba to a grim, rubbery death. When she emerges on the top of that sail barge, swinging a giant pike and shooting a blaster cannon, she is no longer a slave.

Source Official Site
A Few Good Clones Podcast: AFGC: Friends Don’t Let Friends WARS Alone
Reported by Mark on 19 Sep 2014 16:46

Daver Senden (AKA Jedi Jones) brings us the latest episodes of A Few Good Clones.

On this latest episode of A Few Good Clones, AFGC: Friends Don't Let Friends WARS Alone, we have a lot (a we do mean a LOT) of SW to talk about, so much so that we have a few friends alone for the fun, Dan Curto, David Gremillion, Marty Roeben, Aaron Goins, join yours truly David Senden and co-host Kevin Fels as everything under the Tatooine twin suns gets discussed, nothing is off the dejarik table.

A special rather hefty 'to Episode VII and Beyond' segment with special guest Mark Newbold, sheds some light as to what's going with the future of our most beloved franchise, PLUS a special 'Star Wars: What's it all about.....????' corner, highlighting a very profound and insightful take on everything going on in Star Wars fandom, by the Star Wars Underworlds own Chris Seekell.

Its a special MEGA sized podcast, with so much STAR WARS in it, enough to shake a hungry gundark at. So Fire up those Ipods, and always remember 'Friends Don't Let Friends WARS Alone'

Source A Few Good Clones
'The Wolfpack Podcast' Review Of Toys R Us Exclusive Star Wars Rebels Jedi Reveal Set
Reported by Justin on 19 Sep 2014 13:28

Nabil,Corey and Marco review the new TRU exclusive Star Wars Rebels Reveal The Rebels: Jedi Reveal set.

Follow Justin on Twitter @JustinL81

Source YouTube
   18 September 2014
Official Site: From World War to Star Wars: The B17 and The Ghost
Reported by Mark on 18 Sep 2014 23:44

Cole Horton brings us another fascinating From World War to Star Wars entry over at as he looks at the similarities between the B17 and The Ghost.

In a few short weeks Star Wars Rebels premieres on Disney Channel and Disney XD. It will introduce audiences to a new band of heroes in their struggle against the Galactic Empire in the dark times before the events of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope. The home base for these new adventures is an all-new Corellian ship, a modified VCX-100 light freighter named the Ghost. Although the ship is new, its design cues stem from the past.

Source Official Site
Star Wars Report #144: Adventures from Dragon Con
Reported by Mark on 18 Sep 2014 23:04

It's time to join your hosts Riley and Mark over at Star Wars Report.

On this week’s podcast Bethany and Riley are joined by Aaron Goins and Teresa Delgado to recount their adventures at Dragon Con 2014! Enjoy!

Contact Information: Website | Twitter | Facebook

Source Star Wars Report
Official Site: Interviewing Kershner: An Interview With The Director Of Empire
Reported by Mark on 18 Sep 2014 22:50

My latest article lands over at as I look back at my 2007 interview with Irvin Kershner, which we've recently been running on RADIO 1138.

Mark Newbold: Do you wish you had digital back then back in 1980?

Irvin Kershner: Of course, of course. In my photography I’m doing only digital and the next film I’ll do, which I’m planning will be all digital. In fact, a few weeks ago I saw Francis Coppola’s new film which was shot in Romania and it was shot digital. And it was projected in George Lucas’ new projection room – digital! And I couldn’t believe that was digital projection, it was just the most beautiful images I’ve ever seen on the screen. How do you like that?

Mark Newbold: That is impressive.

Irvin Kershner: Yeah it’s impressive.

Source Official Site
Get Your Geek On: 16th September 2014
Reported by Mark on 18 Sep 2014 21:51

Get your geek on every Monday night with host David Gremillion, as he interviews guests, takes your calls, and gives his take on the latest Star Wars news. Listen live every Monday at 9pm EST on

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's...a Stealth X-Wing? What's up with those pictures that have been leaked from the set of Episode VII? We discuss it all and break it down! What is Star Wars without music? What is the cinema industry without John Williams? We take a look at the greatest composer of our time, but don't forget about the Sarlaac Pit!

Contact Information: iTunes | Mixlr | Facebook

Source Get Your Geek On
Rian Johnson Chats With Terry Gilliam About Episode VIII
Reported by Justin on 18 Sep 2014 21:43

New Star Wars director Rian Johnson recently spent some time discussing his work on Episode VIII with Terry Gilliam on an episode of The Talkhouse Film Podcast, and Peter Sciretta over at Slashfilm provides us with a breakdown of some of the key elements that were brought up during the interview.

Rian Johnson talked a bit about the creative freedom he has been given working on Star Wars Episode VIII (and IX?) while talking to fellow filmmaker Terry Gilliam on the TalkHouse podcast. Find out what Johnson said about writing the next installment of the Star Wars franchise, what it’s like to be working in someone else’s world, the obligation to bring Yoda and puppets back to the series, and an idea to have Gilliam have a cameo which might reveal a possible character in the upcoming eighth film.

Follow Justin on Twitter @JustinL81

Source Slashfilm
Last Day To Sign Up For Loot Crate's "Galactic" Theme
Reported by Dan on 18 Sep 2014 21:29

Today is the last day to sign up for Loot Crate's September box of Geek & Gamer Gear! With a "Galactic" theme this month, it is of special interest for Star Wars fans! While the contents of the crate are unknown at this looks like sci-fi fans will NOT be disappointed in this month's swag! Under $20 shipped: how can you go wrong? Sign up today...and stay tuned next week when I reveal what's in the box

Source Loot Crate
Official Site: An Interview With Star Wars Tattoo Artist Josh Bodwell of Epic Ink
Reported by Mark on 18 Sep 2014 20:31

Matt Martin over at posts this piece about Epic Ink artist Josh Bodwell, and Josh gives our efforts last year doing the Caravan of the Force a shout out. I know a lot of the tattooists at that show did some sort of road trip before arriving in Essen. What’s the story behind that?

Josh Bodwell: Ah, the legendary Essen Run. Myself along with about half of the tattooists that appeared at CEII, including Chris Jones and Matt Difa, as well as Force in the Flesh author Shane Turgeon, started the weekend prior in Cardiff, UK, at the Cardiff Tattoo and Toy Con. We rented a big 16-passenger minibus, fully decked it out in decals of the Millennium Falcon and road tripped to Essen, pit stopping in a few different cities (and some wretched hives of scum and villainy). We kind of shadowed Jeremy Bulloch’s Caravan of the Force’s run to Essen but never crossed paths… I like to think we did the run a few parsecs quicker than the Fett.

Source Official Site
Sideshow Sixth Scale Scout Trooper & Speeder Bike Pre-Orders
Reported by Justin on 18 Sep 2014 20:29

Pre-orders for the new Sideshow Collectibles Scout Trooper Sixth Scale Figure and his trusty Sixth Scale Speeder Bike are now officially open. The Scout Trooper carries a $189.99 price tag and the Speeder Bike will set you back $299.99.

Both items have an estimated shipping date of July 2015.

If you want them both (and let's be honest, how can you NOT buy 'em both), you can order your set via a special package bundle that saves you $25 off the total cost.

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Boba Fett Reunion At Cincinatti Comic Expo: 19th - 21st September 2014
Reported by Mark on 18 Sep 2014 19:16

Check out this great opportunity to quiz three of the men who have played the galaxy's greatest bounty hunter Boba Fett at this weekends Cincinatti Comic Expo.

Sunday (9/21) 2:30pm to 3:15pm

LAZER KRAZE Panel Room (Junior Ballroom C,D)

Moderator: Andrew Setters

Panelists: John Morton, Dickey Beer, and Daniel Logan Meet and listen to the men from their perspective of the most famous bounty hunter in the galaxy.

Source Cincinnati Comics Expo (via Frank Rich)
AMC To Ramp Up Their Movie Theater Experience
Reported by Justin on 18 Sep 2014 19:11

We get word via this article posted on Newsarama of AMC Entertainment's plan to increase the overall movie-goer experience across their stable of theaters just in time for the influx of blockbuster films that are scheduled to arrive on the silver screen in 2015...most notably, some little film you may have seen referred to on this site a few times as Episode VII.

AMC Entertainment, the #2 theater chain in in the U.S., announced a plan to shareholders to accelerate the rollout of its ongoing “customer experience initiatives” by 20% this year - or approximately $39 million dollars - over what they had already planned to spend in the initiative, and will be primarily used to “support the acceleration of recliner re-seat initiatives, additional MacGuffins bars and IMAX screens.”

According to AMC, more recliner seats = higher revenue. During the second quarter of 2014, admissions revenues per screen increased by 33 percent at AMC’s 44 recliner re-seat locations.

“Our comfort and convenience strategic action front, best illustrated by our recliner reseats, continues to significantly outperform the industry, even in a cyclical year,” said Gerry Lopez, AMC president and chief executive officer in the release.

Why the acceleration during what’s a down year at the box office? AMC expects theatres benefiting from the accelerated investment to be “better positioned to capitalize on the anticipated improvements in the 2015 film line up.” Meaning 2014 didn’t have an Avengers: Age of Ultron and Star Wars Episode VII (not to mention Jurassic World, Bond 24 and Fast and Furious 7), and 2015 does.

Follow Justin on Twitter @JustinL81

Source Newsarama
Star Wars Oxygen Volume 10
Reported by Mark on 18 Sep 2014 18:13

It's time to join Jimmy Mac and David Collins for the latest Star Wars Oxygen.

We kick off our exploration into the soundtrack for Return of the Jedi with some cool cues from Jabba’s Palace & The Sail Barge. Plus, we rediscover a forgotten theme for Luke and Leia, introduce you to Tuba The Hutt, and even make connections between John Williams and Joseph Campbell. And, the evilness of The Emperor is revealed in music. With revelations in each and every episode, it’s time for you to “unlearn what you’ve learned” and listen to the music of Episode VI with the fresh perspective you can only get from Star Wars Oxygen with David Collins & Jimmy Mac.

Contact Information: iTunes | RSS Feed | Twitter | Facebook

Source RebelForce Radio
Motion Picture Comics: Star Wars: Episode III
Reported by Mark on 18 Sep 2014 18:07

Sometimes we can be very serious about our fandom, and it takes a fun comic strip like this to remind us that at the end of the day Star Wars is supposed to be FUN.

Check out this series of Revenge of the Sith comic strips by Josh Edelglass which gently pokes fun at the movie. Source Motion Picture Comics
Official Site: The Big Impact of West End Games Miniatures
Reported by Mark on 18 Sep 2014 17:38

Tim Veekhoven takes us on another Star Wars history lesson in his latest entry at as he looks at the fantastic miniature lines released by West End Games back between 1987 and 1998.

The importance of West End Games to Star Wars cannot be overstated. Their edition of the Roleplaying Game (1987 – 1998) expanded the Star Wars universe in ways fans had only dreamed of. Other publishers, the prequel production, and The Clone Wars production used the names of West End Games for characters, species, technology, and weaponry. While the influence of West End Games continues today in Star Wars Rebels, they didn't just publish RPGs and Sourcebooks. They also produced metal-lead-free 25-millimeter miniatures.

Source Official Site
Star Wars Episode VII: Millennium Falcon Reveals Secret Gotham Past
Reported by Mark on 18 Sep 2014 16:59

Check out this 36 seconds of awesome of the Millennium Falcon - quite possibly shot at Greenham Common - and prepare to be even more excited about the film than you were before.

Although given the Dark Knight connection to the piece you have to wonder why they didn't post it on Tumblr first...

Source YouTube (via Paul Bateman)
Official Site: Fans, Rebels, And Imperials Invade Toronto Fan Expo 2014
Reported by Justin on 18 Sep 2014 13:23

Enjoy the latest entry posted on the official site courtesy of Lucasfilm's one and only Queen of Star Wars Celebration, our great friend Mary Franklin.

Toronto Fan Expo was August 28-31. Said to be the third largest pop culture convention in North America, the show packs the Metro Toronto Convention Center wall-to-wall with fans.

Disney Canada and Lucasfilm presented a Star Wars Rebels booth on the show floor, and the highlight of the weekend: a screening of Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion on Friday. This was only the second public screening of the movie, the first being at San Diego Comic-Con International.

Of course I took no photographs during the screening – no cameras allowed! – but here are a few of my favorite shots and stories from the Rebels experience at Toronto Fan Expo.

Follow Justin on Twitter @JustinL81

Source Star Wars
Episode VII Tweets: Daisy Ridley Hanging With Gary
Reported by Justin on 18 Sep 2014 13:15

Source Twitter
   17 September 2014
Sesame Street: Lupita Nyong'o Loves Her Skin
Reported by Matt on 17 Sep 2014 21:54

Elmo is with his good friend, Lupita. They are talking about all the great things about their skin. For example, Elmo's skin just happens to be very ticklish. Lupita's skin happens to be a beautiful brown color. Skin can come in all different shades and colors. Isn't skin just the best? However, ticklish or smooth or black or brown or white or tan, be sure to love the skin you are in.

Source YouTube
The Metro: Star Wars Episode 7: Who will have a secret cameo in the new film?
Reported by Mark on 17 Sep 2014 21:41

My next article drops at The Metro as I take a look at the rumoured cameos in Episode VII and the rumours that proliferated back in the days of the original trilogy.

The news broke this weekend that the current James Bond Daniel Craig has – allegedly – shot a two day cameo on Star Wars Episode 7, filming behind a helmet in a scene where he won’t be seen. If true it’s a very cool piece of news, and fans will scour the film diligently trying to find out what scene he appears in (remember, the movie will be FILLED with masked actors).

And actor and friend of J.J. Abrams Greg Grunberg, known better to genre fans as Matt Parkman on the hit series Heroes, also tweeted that he too will be in the film in some capacity, although he too wouldn’t divulge what role that would be.There are sure to be more names that surface in what is certain to be 2015’s biggest movie event, but looking back through the history of Star Wars there are a couple of other huge stars rumoured to have appeared in previous films.

Source The Metro
NY Comic Con 2014: Plastic Galaxy: Story Of Star Wars Toys
Reported by Justin on 17 Sep 2014 20:43

Follow Justin on Twitter @JustinL81

Source Twitter
Disney Considers Star Wars A "Huge Opportunity"
Reported by Justin on 17 Sep 2014 20:38

In what could easily be used as content for one of those "Captain Obvious" commercials for, Walt Disney Studios president Alan Bergman offered up the following comments in regards to the overall impact their handling of the Star Wars franchise could have on the company in the future.

Walt Disney Studios admits it doesn’t have an awareness problem with “Star Wars” when it starts releasing new movies, beginning with next year’s “Episode VII.” The future of the franchise at the Mouse House, however, relies on getting the film right for fans and newcomers.

“This title is very well known out there,” and “the single most important thing is to make sure that this movie is great,” said Walt Disney Studios president Alan Bergman, on Wednesday, at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2014 Media, Communications & Entertainment conference.

Bergman also went on to say:

Yet a lot is riding on the success of “Episode VII,” out in theaters Dec. 18, 2015, since the J.J. Abrams-directed film will drive much of the interest in “Star Wars” across the rest of Disney’s divisions. In addition for new films, there are plans for more TV shows, licensing deals and theme park attractions.

“If we can get this right, it’s a huge opportunity for the entire company,” said Bergman, who wore Stormtrooper tennis shoes while discussing the studio’s upcoming film slate — a standalone film, to be directed by “Godzilla’s” Gareth Edwards, is already scheduled for Dec. 16, 2016.

Follow Justin on Twitter @JustinL81

Source Variety
Official Site: Dragon Con 2014: Rebels and Troopers Unleashed!
Reported by Mark on 17 Sep 2014 20:32

We step back a few weeks to Dragon Con 2014 and look at the amazing events that happened over at

For members of the Rebel and 501st Legions along with their friends in the Mandalorian Mercs and other Star Wars costuming groups, summertime generally means a busier event schedule in our communities and more frequent opportunities to get together with distant friends, often at major conventions throughout the world.

In the United States, as summer draws to a close, the major milestone convention for many members is the unique experience of Dragon Con in Atlanta, Georgia. Held each year over the Labor Day weekend, Dragon Con takes particular pride on distinguishing itself as a convention “for fans, by fans,” in which virtually all of the programming and convention events are arranged by convention volunteers.

Source Official Site
Databurst From the 501st
Reported by Mark on 17 Sep 2014 20:00
Show Full Story

Jedi News is working with Roqoo Depot and the 501st Legion to bring you the very latest activity from garrisons across the planet. Here's this weeks events:

Source 501st (via Roqoo Depot)
NY Comic Con 2014: Marvel To Announce "Inside Scoop" On Star Wars Comics
Reported by Justin on 17 Sep 2014 19:49

A closer look at the programming schedule for NY Comic Con revealed a panel titled MARVEL: Axel-In Charge that is slated to take place on Sunday October 12 from 12:15pm - 1:00pm in Room 1A06. The panel's description is copied below.

Axel Alonso, Marvel’s Editor-in-Chief, is taking the stage! Don’t miss announcements galore as well as inside looks at some amazing upcoming titles, including an inside scoop on the upcoming Star Wars line! And of course, you the fans will get to ask Axel the hard-hitting questions! Other panelists will include James Robinson (Fantastic Four), Kieron Gillen (Star Wars: Darth Vader), and other Mighty Marvel guests!

As you can see from the highlighted text, some exciting Star Wars comic news should be announced during this panel, so be sure to add it to your list of must-attend events!

Follow Justin on Twitter @JustinL81

Source NYCC
Now, This Is Podcasting! Episode 49
Reported by Mark on 17 Sep 2014 19:25

It's time to join your hosts Jason, Randy, Johnamarie and Jeremy over at Now, This Is Podcasting!

On this episode of’s "Now, This is Podcasting!" J.J. Abrams wants an iWatch and is willing to admit the Empire has returned to get one. Jason wears his iPad around his neck like a Flavor Flav styled iWatch. People take photos of Star Wars: Episode VII sets and then take themselves too seriously! John Boyega films a scene. Rumors about Adam Driver’s character. Ewok Massacre drops in with some Kenobi spin-off film rumors. Hasbro has started production on Episode VII toys. Johna sees Star Wars Rebels and a new mystery man (Sorry, Rex!). Also, Pod People: Lawrence Kasdan.

Contact Information: Website | Twitter | Facebook

Source Making Star Wars
Official Site: The Cinema Behind Star Wars: Casablanca
Reported by Mark on 17 Sep 2014 15:39

Bryan Yopung brings us his latest entry in his Cinema Behind Star Wars series with a look at the 1942 classic Casablanca.

The film is a masterpiece, but it’s hard to deny that it must have had an influence on Star Wars, as many war films did. First, Mos Eisley and the city of Casablanca could double for each other. Both were set, essentially, in North Africa, and they even have similar architectural flourishes. But Casablanca is the center of the underworld, the place where people go to escape and be forgotten, much like Ben Kenobi describes Mos Eisley as in A New Hope.

Source Official Site
Gentle Giant Princess Leia Boushh Disguise Kenner Jumbo Figure Pre-Order
Reported by Justin on 17 Sep 2014 12:45

Gentle Giant has posted pre-order information for their upcoming Princess Leia Boushh Disguise Kenner Jumbo Figure. The figure carries an $80.00 price tag and is scheduled to start shipping in Q2 2015.

Follow Justin on Twitter @JustinL81

Source Gentle Giant
Title & Description Of Star Wars Rebels Episode 5 (105)
Reported by Justin on 17 Sep 2014 12:29

Our friend Christoph Wolf from Germany notifies us via the email below of the episode title and description of Star Wars Rebels Episode 5.

We just got the latest episode description from Disney XD Germany. This time it's for the 5th episode (i.e. the 3rd episode after the pilot):

105 - Rise of the Old Masters - Directed by Steven G. Lee, Steward Lee

The Rebels learn that old Jedi Master Luminara Unduli is being held captive in the Stittgen system. They get to her only to realize that they have fallen into a trap set by the Inquisitor, but working together they manage to escape by the skin of their teeth.

Christoph goes on to add the following comment:

Uh, by the way: It does indeed say "Stittgen" in the German text. Chances are it's Stygeon, and some auto-correct system went over it (not that Stittgen is a German word, but it's somewhat more German than the alternative), so... I have no idea... :-)

In case you missed it initially, be sure to check out the episode titles and descriptions he sent over for the first two weekly episodes as well.

Thanks as always to Christoph for providing us with this info.

   16 September 2014
Mattel's Star Wars Hot Wheels Cars Assortment
Reported by Dan on 16 Sep 2014 22:13

Mattel's Hot Wheels classic cars meet Star Wars in this upcoming limited edition 1/64 scale assortment of die-cast vehicles. Chewbacca, Darth Vader, Yoda, Luke Skywalker and R2-D2 all get the Hot Wheels treatment in the first series, with many more to come.

Don't forget to check out our exclusive reveals of the upcoming 501st Clone Trooper and Tusken Raider cars as well.
Anthony Daniels Interview With 'Entertainment Weekly'
Reported by Justin on 16 Sep 2014 21:55

A new interview with Anthony Daniels has been posted over on Entertainment Weekly in which he touches on C-3PO's inclusion in the upcoming Star Wars Rebels animated TV series, his return to the big screen in Episode VII next year, and much more.

Daniels talks about the iconic droid’s next appearance in Disney XD’s fall animated series Star Wars Rebels, which chronicles the formation of the Rebel Alliance leading up to 1977’s Episode IV: A New Hope. Plus, the actor gamely answers our questions about landing the role, his favorite (and least favorite) Threepio lines, working with franchise creator George Lucas, his thoughts on the prequels, and he answers the one question he’s never been asked before. While we were forbidden to inquire about J.J. Abrams’ ultra-secret upcoming Star Wars film, Daniels shared a couple thoughts on that topic, too (yes, he’s back in the suit, and assures you’re going to “love” Episode VII). Before the interview, a colleague familiar with the actor advised: “Anthony Daniels IS C-3PO.” That’s not exactly true, yet it’s not entirely wrong either. As you’ll discover, Daniels is like C-3PO’s fraternal twin on some cellular, soulful level — markedly different, yet impossible to imagine without.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic “A Deadly Force Returns” Teaser
Reported by Justin on 16 Sep 2014 20:45

“I will finish what I've started.”


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Star Wars Trilogy Posters By Eric Tan
Reported by Justin on 16 Sep 2014 19:17

Check out this stunning set of Star Wars prints/posters designed by artist Eric Tan (who happens to work as a designer at Disney) that was posted over on Slashfilm.

Eric Tan is one of our favorite artists here at /Film but, unlike others, he doesn’t release a lot of prints. That’s because his day job is a designer at Disney. That’s cool on its own, but in the past few years, it means he gets to play in the coolest sandbox of all: Star Wars. Over the past few months, Disney has been sporadically releasing Tan’s posters for Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back and this week, he revealed Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.

Unfortunately, Disney chose to only release these Eric Tan Star Wars posters framed and that makes them quite expensive. But you should check them out below and read more about the beautiful posters.

If you like the Eric Tan Star Wars posters, they are all still available in the Disney Store…for $400 a piece. Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi at those links. They’re all limited to 100 worldwide and come custom framed.

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The Metro: Could we be seeing Robert Downey Jr, Hugh Jackman and Samuel L Jackson in cameos?
Reported by Mark on 16 Sep 2014 00:05

Check out my latest entry at  The Metro as I look at a number of mega stars who are apparently making cameos in Episode VII.

Add this to the list of crazy rumours which Star Wars so readily attracts.

Apparently, according to The Mirror, Robert Downey Jr, Hugh Jackman and Samuel L Jackson are set for Star Wars Episode 7 cameos.

Coming quickly on the heels of the rumour that Daniel Craig and Greg Grunberg are to appear in cameo roles, there’s a risk that the production will turn into an episode of intergalactic Celebrity Squares.

Source The Metro
   15 September 2014
Fantasy Flight Games: X-Wing Mission Control: Free Online Tool
Reported by Jonathan on 15 Sep 2014 21:53

You've been in dramatic dogfights and more close calls than you can mention, and you've come up with some excellent missions for your X-Wing Miniatures Games battles. Now, your X-Wing experience can be even more personalized and customizable with the release of X-Wing Mission Control!

X-Wing Mission Control is a free online resource that allows you to design and share new X-Wing missions. With Mission Control’s toolset, you’ll quickly create maps, define terrain elements, and add deployment zones, as well as any helpful mission-specific rules.

Once you’ve created a scenario, you can download it to the Mission Control database. Mission Control allows you to publish your missions so that players around the world can download and enjoy them. All of Mission Control’s user-generated missions are free to access, and you can even vote for your favorites!

Explore X-Wing Mission Control today, and see what this free online tool has to offer you!

Coordinate a daring assault run along the Death Star trench, confront the Rebel fleet outside of Endor, or dodge asteroids in pursuit of the Millennium Falcon. X-Wing Mission Control’s custom editor allows you to easily create any play scenario you can imagine, whether it’s drawn from the Star Wars trilogy or completely unique.

Simply select the size of your play area and define the ships you wish to permit. You can create mission-specific squad-building rules, or you can identify any number of specific ships and upgrades. If you use Mission Control to track your collection, it will even identify any mission components not included in your X-Wing collection.

Furthermore, Mission Control’s custom editor easily allows you to select components from all available X-Wing products. Will you try to break through the Imperial blockade with your GR-75 medium transport? Will you invent a mission to hunt down a powerful Imperial prototype starfighter? Shifting your focus from harrowing dogfights to large, tactical battles is as simple as dragging a ship to the map or removing it.

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NY Comic Con 2014: A New Dawn And Star Wars Rebels Panels
Reported by Justin on 15 Sep 2014 21:22

Just a short time ago, the programming schedule for NY Comic Con was released via the official NYCC Mobile App. The schedule will be hitting the website soon, but browsing thru the app on my phone revealed two big Star Wars related panels that are planned for Saturday Oct. 11.

The first is titled A New Dawn - The Exciting Future of Star Wars Publishing scheduled to run from 3:15pm - 4:00pm in Room 1A14 (click the image for a larger view).

The second panel is titled Star Wars Rebels and will be held from 5:45pm - 6:45pm on Empire Stage 1-E.

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Skywalking Through Neverland 46: Dragon Con, Darth Maul and The Disney Jail
Reported by Mark on 15 Sep 2014 20:29

It's time to join your hosts over at Skywalking Through Neverland.

This Shotglass Digital-approved episode is chock full of Star Wars and Disney goodness! First up, Kevin RaiderNerd Reitzel regales us with tales from Dragon Con. Next, Lou Klein tells us about his NEW Star Wars Fan Film, “The Fallen”. Known for winning the Star Wars Fan Film Award for “Contract Of Evil”, Lou is hard at work creating a Sith vs. Jedi tale using actual trained Knights of the Realm. Disney Jail! We talk to former Disney Security Big Bubba about what it takes to be sent to Disney Jail. (One thing we learned – there’s no gift shop!).

Contact Information: Website | Twitter | Facebook

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RUMOR: More On Episode VII Chrome Stormtroopers
Reported by Louis on 15 Sep 2014 20:12

Head on over to Making Star Wars for an article in which Jason Ward expands a little further via potential information received from a source on the earlier rumor concerning the appearance of chrome Stormtroopers in Episode VII.

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Source MSW
The Big Bang Theory Season 7 When Leia Met Vader Behind-The-Scenes Clip
Reported by Justin on 15 Sep 2014 19:46

The Big Bang Theory has had a ton of notable guest stars at this point, but Season 7 included not one but two integral players from Star Wars, in an episode which guest starred both James Earl Jones and Carrie Fisher.

IGN has an exclusive behind-the-scenes clip from the new Big Bang Theory: Season 7 Blu-ray and DVD, coming out Tuesday, looking at the pairing of these two actors. As it turns out, despite essentially playing father and daughter in the Star Wars trilogy, the two didn't even know each other until their sitcom team-up!

The Big Bang Theory: Season 7 is available on Blu-ray and DVD on September 16th.

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Star Wars Actors Appearances Updates
Reported by Mark on 15 Sep 2014 19:00

Jedi News is working with Star Wars Actors Appearances to bring you the very latest in Star Wars actors convention appearances. Click here to view this weeks updates on the site and check below to see the new actors who've been added.

  • 14/9/14: Added appearances for Kenny Baker, Ken Coombs, Anthony Daniels, Alan Flyng, Derek Lyons, Brian Muir, Dave Prowse, Shane Rimmer, Pam Rose, Tim Rose, Peter Roy and Brian Wheeler
  • 13/9/14: Added appearances for Jerome Blake, Alan Flyng and Pam Rose
  • 11/9/14: Added appearances for Bai Ling, Clive Revill and Deep Roy
  • 10/9/14: Added appearances for Michonne Bourriague and Michael Kingma and a private signing for Mark Dodson
  • 9/9/14: Added appearance for John DiMaggio
  • 8/9/14: Added appearances for Gregg Berger, Cam Clarke, Bai Ling, Felix Silla and James Arnold Taylor
  • 5/9/14: Added appearance for Steve Blum
  • 4/9/14: Added appearances for Paul Blake, Jeremy Bulloch, Alan Harris, Andrew Lawden, Brian Muir, Chris Parsons, Ron Perlman and Peter Roy

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John Morton Does The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Reported by BrianC on 15 Sep 2014 18:41

Our own John Morton does the ALS ice bucket challenge, with a very special bucket holder!

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Far, Far Away Podcast Episode 21: Lando's Capes in Space
Reported by Mark on 15 Sep 2014 16:15

It's time to join the team over at Far Far Away Radio.

It’s time to get classy on this week’s episode of Far Far Away Radio. You ol’ smoothies join us for our Lando-themed episode, as we take the time to talk about everyone’s favorite card player, gambler, and scoundrel. You’ll like him.

Contact Information: Email - CONTACT@FARFARAWAYRADIO.COM | Website | Twitter | Facebook

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IndyCast Episode 195
Reported by Justin on 15 Sep 2014 15:12

Join Ed Dolista and his crew for the latest adventure-filled episode of The IndyCast - your go-to source for Indiana Jones news from all four corners of the globe!

This week we get nostalgic in this bite-sized edition of the show as we take a look back at the Read-Along Adventure of Raiders of the Lost Ark!

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LEGO Star Wars Introduces 'Oscar-Style' Awards Just for Fans!
Reported by James on 15 Sep 2014 14:33
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This just in from our friends at LEGO UK and I can't wait to get involved and am looking forward to help judge all your entries!

Today, LEGO® Star Wars™ announces its first ever intergalactic national ‘Oscar-style’ awards just for fans! The ‘Golden Brickies’ Awards launch today on the LEGO Facebook page to celebrate the best fan created content for all the creative Jedi builders, budding photographers and film makers out there.

In homage to the legendary movie franchise and upcoming Episode VII, LEGO® is inviting families across the UK to take part in this epic event which will culminate in an exclusive red carpet celebration event at LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort Hotel with other amazing prizes up for grabs.

Whether you choose the dark or light side, humour is at the very heart of LEGO® Star Wars™, so this is your chance to show us your best photo and filming skills with your vehicles and minifigures. We want to see what you can do!

Once in a lifetime prizes are up for grabs which include: -

  • An invitation to the prestigious red carpet LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort awards ceremony on Saturday 11th October 2014
  • A chance to meet Return of the Jedi actor, Warwick Davis, as well as the bods behind the LEGO® Star Wars™ universe
  • A year’s supply of LEGO® Star Wars™ goodies
  • A LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort Annual Pass for a family of four
  • Entry into LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort afterwards to enjoy the Resort’s 55 rides, shows and attractions. PLUS entrance to the LEGO® Star Wars™ Miniland, which re-creates the most iconic scenes from the legendary movies and the animated TV series Star Wars: The Clone Wars™ in over 1.5 million LEGO bricks.
  • Your very own bespoke LEGO® C-3PO award

The #GoldenBrickies award categories are: -

  • Best picture - create a LEGO® Star Wars™ inspired photograph using your collection
  • Best mini movie – either create a LEGO® Star Wars™ movie blooper or your own alternative movie ending
  • Best set build - LEGO® Star Wars™ inspired build
  • Overall LEGO® Star Wars™ Golden Brickies winner for best content creation

Entries will be judged by the Golden Brickies expert panel including: -

  • Star Wars™ actor – Warwick Davis
  • Star Wars™ collector fanatic and writer – Jedi James Burns
  • LEGO® Star Wars™ Brand Manager – Eloise Kurtis
  • LEGO® Star Wars™ biggest fan – Milun Simpson, age 5

Read on for all the information on how to enter the 'Golden Brickies'...

Source LEGO
Coffee with Kenobi: Richard Marquand And His Star Wars Contribution
Reported by Mark on 15 Sep 2014 14:32

Our great buddy Rob Wainfur of The Bearded Trio brings us a look back and the life and times of Return of the Jedi director the late Richard Marquand.

George Lucas was in the UK with Steven Spielberg and John Williams recording the music for Raiders of the Lost Ark. While in the country George Lucas asked to see what Marquand had done and in particular a rough cut of Eye of the Needle. He was impressed with what he saw and felt he could work well with the Welshman. George Lucas said.

“I was very impressed with the directing. It’s very tight, very clean, strong movie with narrative, character and just getting the most emotional value out of a concept.”

Source Coffee With Kenobi
RUMOR: Robery Downey Jr, Hugh Jackman, & Samuel L. Jackson To Make Episode VII Cameos
Reported by Justin on 15 Sep 2014 14:08

I guess reporting this would serve a better purpose for looking back after the film has been released to grab a quick laugh at all the casting rumors that turned out to be completely false. So with that clearly in mind, Mirror has posted an article stating that Robery Downey Jr, Hugh Jackman, and Samuel L. Jackson (yes, THAT SLJ) have been invited to Pinewood Studios to partake in cameo roles in Episode VII.

The superstar trio are rumoured to have landed secret roles in the latest installment of the George Lucas-penned franchise after being invited to the set at the Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire, along with 'Paul' actor Nick Frost.

It is thought some of the actors will be forced to appear in the Disney movie in secret to avoid breaching their contract with various other studios.

You know the effects of too much salt in the diet...

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Source Mirror
Official Site: Essential Guide To Warfare: Authors Cut, Part 12: Tales of the New Republic
Reported by Mark on 15 Sep 2014 13:39

Check out the 12th and final chapter in Jason Fry, Erich Schoeneweiss and Paul Erquhart's look at the unused content for Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Warfare over at

The story of a soldier returning home is one of the oldest in literature, and I thought Warfare would benefit from such a perspective — in this case, a brutal one that also incorporated what it’s like when war comes to one’s own home. But I also knew that I wanted Stazi’s meditation on war to be the final piece in the book, and this felt a bit too similar. Plus as with so many of the “short story” pieces, it was a logical place to look in finding cuts. That said, I worked hard on getting the tone right — matter-of-fact bordering on numb — and think I succeeded. So that’s something.

Source Official Site
New 30-Second Star Wars Rebels "Droids" Promo Video On Disney Website
Reported by Justin on 15 Sep 2014 13:18

A new 30-second Star Wars Rebels promo video titled "Droids" has been uploaded to the official Disney website.

The Rebels meet two familiar droids on the series premiere of Star Wars Rebels on Monday, October 13th at 9/8c.

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Source Disney
Fantasy Flight Games: Scum and Villainy: Announcing the Introduction of the Third X-wing Faction
Reported by Jonathan on 15 Sep 2014 12:49

Watch out - the sixth wave of starships for the X-Wing Miniatures Game is on it's way and it's not pretty. Filled with many of the galaxy’s most notorious bounty hunters, Black Sun agents and pirates - with such infamous figures as Boba Fett, IG-88, Greedo, and Prince Xizor - these nasty pieces of work live outside the law and allow no one to threaten their plans or profits.

Four separate expansion packs introduce the galaxy’s Scum to X-Wing: Most Wanted Expansion Pack, StarViper Expansion Pack, M3-A Interceptor Expansion Pack and the IG-2000 Expansion Pack.

The Expansion Packs are all scheduled to arrive at retailers in the fourth quarter of 2014. And remember - disintegrations are absolutely fine.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce that in the sixth wave of starship expansions for X-Wing™ the galaxy’s Scum and Villainy will join the game's fast-paced space battles as its third faction!

The ranks of the Scum and Villainy faction are filled with many of the Star Wars galaxy’s most notorious bounty hunters, pirates, and Black Sun agents. You’ll find such infamous figures as Boba Fett, IG-88, Greedo, and Prince Xizor. These Scum live outside the law, do their best to remain at the periphery of the ongoing Galactic Civil War, and allow no one – no one – to threaten their profits.

Whenever Rebel or Imperial forces dare to interfere with their illicit dealings, Scum head to battle, and they do so in some of the best starfighters that money can buy, such as Slave I, IG-2000, and the MandalMotors StarViper-class attack platform. These expensive and technologically advanced starships are further supported by a number of mainstays that have proven their efficiency over the course of numerous battles.

Source Fantasy Flight Games
T-Shirts: Han of the King
Reported by Matt on 15 Sep 2014 12:29

You have until Friday and need just $12.00 plus P&P and this very cool tee can be yours via Weekly Shirts.

Source Weekly Shirts
Full of Sith Episode LXXXII: Holly Frey in “There’s Always Room for Greedo”
Reported by Mark on 15 Sep 2014 11:09

Join Tha Mike Pilot, Bryan Young and Bobby Roberts for the latest episode of Full of Sith.

Bobby, Bryan, and Mike are joined by Holly Frey, Star Wars fan and co-host of the “Stuff You Missed in History Class” podcast. They talk about Holly’s first time experiencing Star Wars, Luke Skywalker on the Muppet show, and Rodians. Then, they discuss their hopes and dreams for a potential Obi-Wan Kenobi standalone film.

Contact Information:Voicemail - 206-426-5592 | Website | Twitter | Facebook

Source Full of Sith
Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion Hits DVD at Walmart Canada 4th October
Reported by Mark on 15 Sep 2014 10:22

$19.97 and shipping on 4th October, this is set to ignite the rebellion in a big way as the series launches worldwide on Disney XD.

It's available on the 3rd in North America but no word - yet - on a UK release.

A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far, Far Away... From the ashes of the Old Republic, an unlikely band of heroes emerges to renew the fight for freedom. Witness the epic debut of the riveting animated series "Star Wars Rebels," in this full-length, must-own movie - now on DVD for the first time ever! Five years before the events of "Star Wars IV: A New Hope," the reigning evil Empire continues to tighten its grip of power and fear throughout the cosmos. But even amidst the tyranny and treachery of The Dark Side, a glimmer of light emerges. Meet the ragtag crew of the starship Ghost: Twi'lek pilot Hera, street-smart pickpocket Ezra, team leader Kanan, alien enforcer Zeb, explosives expert Sabine, and Chopper, the cantankerous droid. Together, they embark on action packed adventures, battle ruthless villains, and ignite the very first Spark Of Rebellion against a surging tide of Stormtroopers, TIE fighters and mysterious Sith Lords!

Source Walmart
Star Wars Rebels: “Join the Team” TV Spot
Reported by Mark on 15 Sep 2014 09:54

In this TV spot for Star Wars Rebels, meet the crew of the Ghost starship: Kanan, Sabine, Chopper, Hera, Zeb, and Ezra. Together, they’ll take on the Empire and spark a rebellion.

Continuing the epic tradition of the legendary Star Wars saga, an exciting animated one-hour movie Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion is set to premiere Friday, October 3 (9:00 p.m. ET/PT in the US) on Disney Channels around the world, ushering in the highly anticipated series Star Wars Rebels on Disney XD. In the US,Star Wars Rebels episodes will debut Monday nights beginning Monday, October 13 (9:00 p.m. ET/PT) on Disney XD. Worldwide, the series will air in 33 languages across 163 countries in over 400 million households.

Source Star Wars on YouTube
Fantasy Flight Games: Ruthlessness and Intimidation: The VT-49 Decimator Expansion Pack for X-Wing
Reported by Jonathan on 15 Sep 2014 01:45

It's grim, it's blunt and it's built to crush the enemy. The VT-49 Decimator isn't subtle and it isn't pretty, but in the right hands it can do some serious damage. This fifth-wave vessel for the X-Wing Miniatures Game. With some talented pilots that know how to use this hammer of a starship will make it's presence known - especially as it has a 360 degrees firing arc.

Get it in your fleet and start smashing!

In our past previews of the fifth wave of X-Wing™ starship expansions, we’ve looked more closely at the YT-2400 Freighter Expansion Pack, its starship, its pilots, and its upgrades, which include a pair of upgrades designed by the game’s 2012 and 2013 World Champions.

Today, we turn our attention to the other side of the Galactic Civil War. While the Rebels are busy recruiting new smugglers and outfitting transport ships with turret-mounted Heavy Laser Cannons, the Imperials are quietly and efficiently preparing to launch their imposing VT-49 Decimator into battle.

However, once it arrives to the battlefield, this warship will be anything but quiet! The VT-49 Decimator is the first Imperial vessel to feature a primary weapon that can threaten a full 360-degrees, and it’s designed to crash into battle headlong.

Source Fantasy Flight Games
   14 September 2014
ForceCast #320: Falconspotting
Reported by Mark on 14 Sep 2014 22:56

t's time to join your hosts Eric, Erik and Justin for the ForceCast.

I spy with my little eye...something from a galaxy far, far away! This week, we tackle tidbits about Episode VII's ships, cast, locations, and emotional focus. Plus, Eric reports back from the Star Wars Rebels New York City press screening with reflections on the episodes from himself and two friends of the show. It's all here in this episode of The ForceCast!

Contact Information: Website | Twitter | Facebook

Source Forcecast
Fantasy Flight Games: Blast into Action: The YT-2400 Freighter Expansion Pack for X-Wing
Reported by Jonathan on 14 Sep 2014 22:40

Cast you photoreceptors over this beautiful new model for the X-Wing Miniatures Game from Fantasy Flight Games.

The YT-2400 Freighter is a fifth-wave ship of fame, and thanks to Dash Rendar and his exploits it comes with the barrel roll action, making it the first large ship able to perform this action without an upgrade.

Keep your eyes open - this is out soon and promises to be a fast seller.

In the fifth wave of X-Wing™ expansions, the Rebellion gains access to a new large-base starship, the YT-2400. This fast and resilient light freighter comes with thirteen standard weapon emplacement points, making it an extremely customizable vessel, and an attractive option for smugglers, mercenaries, and others looking to fly a heavily armed “transport.”

In our earlier previews of the YT-2400 Freighter Expansion Pack, we’ve looked at two of its upgrades, Stay on Target and Dash Rendar. Designed by the 2013 and 2012 World Champions, respectively, these upgrades grant your starships greater freedom to race across the battlefield and unleash fire upon enemy ships from advantageous positions.

In addition to these upgrades and the Dash Rendar ship card, which also permits novel movement in the Activation phase, the YT-2400 comes with the barrel roll action, making it the first large ship able to perform this action without an upgrade. Accordingly, in today’s preview, as we take a closer look at this versatile and resilient light freighter, we will focus on what its maneuverability may soon add to your games of X-Wing.

Source Fantasy Flight Games
Sideshow Collectibles: Win A Scout Trooper And Speeder Bike
Reported by Matt on 14 Sep 2014 22:30

You'd better get yourselves over to Sideshow Collectibles right now for your chance to win this magnificent Scout Trooper and Speeder Bike, and you only have until this coming Thursday the 18th September to do it.

Source Sideshow Collectibles
Star Wars Rebels:32" Figures Hit UK Stores
Reported by Mark on 14 Sep 2014 22:25

Via Jedi News reader Martin Keeler, JAKK's 32" figures have started to arrive on shelves here in the UK.

Source Twitter
Northern Editorial Reviews The Actor and the Camera by Denis Lawson
Reported by Mark on 14 Sep 2014 22:17

Check out this review of Denis Lawson, The Actor and The Camera, published by Nick Hern Books and available via their website.

Once I sat down and started reading I became thoroughly engrossed in Lawson’s world. It also dawned on me that the layout and typography of the book is very likely designed in order to appeal to the younger readers… yes, I often forget that I’m an old fogey now. A drama student may well be put off by a book that looks like it is “heavy” to read (and long! After all who has the time these days?)… but the less formal layout here is not in any way threatening. For instance, the “chapters” do not always begin on a new page, the book just runs on through and a new section will start just after where the last one ends. No formality here.

Source Northern Editorial (via Ewan McGregor on twitter)
Star Wars Rebels: “Timeline” TV Spot
Reported by Mark on 14 Sep 2014 22:10

In the “Timeline” TV spot for the upcoming Star Wars Rebels animated series, travel through the history of the Star Wars universe – from the emergence of Anakin Skywalker to the rise of Darth Vader to the era of Han, Luke, and Leia. Star Wars Rebels will tell the story of how Kanan, Ezra, Zeb, Hera, Sabine, and Chopper, a ragtag group of heroes, ignited a rebellion against the Empire.

Continuing the epic tradition of the legendary Star Wars saga, an exciting animated one-hour movie Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion is set to premiere Friday, October 3 (9:00 p.m. ET/PT in the US) on Disney Channels around the world, ushering in the highly anticipated series Star Wars Rebels on Disney XD. In the US,Star Wars Rebels episodes will debut Monday nights beginning Monday, October 13 (9:00 p.m. ET/PT) on Disney XD. Worldwide, the series will air in 33 languages across 163 countries in over 400 million households.

Source Star Wars on YouTube
The WolfPack Podcast #:89: Rebels Product Everywhere
Reported by Mark on 14 Sep 2014 21:58

It's time to join the gang over at the Wolfpack podcast for the latest episode.

On this episode of The WolfPack Podcast, Corey, Logan, and Curto discuss Star Wars Episode VII, Star Wars Rebels, and all the latest products! Plus a chat about when the Rebels Action Figures will be hitting stores. So strap in, drink your blue milk, and get ready for the jump to hyperspace in this brand new episode!

Contact Information: YouTube | Twitter | Facebook | Google+

Source Wolfpack
Official Site: The Imperial Handbook Brings You Inside The Empire
Reported by Mark on 14 Sep 2014 21:48

Check out this article at and add it to our already growing want lists. This Dan Wallace written book looks a bit special and it arrives on 14th October.

The Empire has taken hold of the galaxy. Soon, with the completion of the Death Star, its control will be absolute. In preparation for this Imperial expansion, high-ranking officials from each branch of the Imperial military have set down tactical guidelines and procedures as well as collected mission reports and classified documents for all newly ascending commanders.

In the wake of the Battle of Endor, members of the Rebel Alliance intercepted this top-secret instructional manual and have circulated it among their own commanders, who have added notes and commentary in the margins.

Source Official Site
The Realm Recap: Episode #29 - The Walgreens Stalker
Reported by Mark on 14 Sep 2014 21:34

It's time to join Jason and the Yakface crew for the latest Realm Recap.

This week's episode of The Realm Recap focuses heavily on the Black Series 6" line as the first wave of the new "black and blue" line look has been hitting Walgreens stores hard (except mine of course). We also look at an amazing 6" scale AT-ST work-in-progress that must be seen to be believed. We also discuss the merits of the new Rebels "Mystery" set that was revealed this week and the new products hitting the Disney Store and much more.

Contact Information: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr

Source Yakface
Shobrick: Stormtroopers Behind Enemy Lines
Reported by Mark on 14 Sep 2014 21:22

Sit down and enjoy yet another clever visit to the microworld of the LEGO Stormtrooper with Shobrick.

After days of recon behind enemy lines on a wild green planet, one of the Empire's finest elite soldiers, a sniper and his spotter, finaly reached their goal : to eliminate a high-ranking rebels' officer. Actually they are currently running for their lives through an endless tropical jungle to the exfiltration site, chased by an army of angry rebels ! I hope you'll enjoy the picture because it was really tricky to put it together. Hard to choose the right frame to upload, because I had quite a lot with different depth of field.

Source Flickr
Official Site: Star Wars Insider 2015 Cover Reveal
Reported by Mark on 14 Sep 2014 21:08

Check out the cover to November's Star Wars Insider 2015 Special, which features an article by yours truly looking behind the scenes at the making of A New Hope. is excited to offer your first look at the cover for the Star Wars Insider Special Edition 2015 magazine — featuring a vintage photo taken during the making of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope!

Hitting newsstands on November 11, 2014, this issue collects classic Star Wars Insider articles, and includes a new interview with Dee Bradley Baker, the actor who voiced the clone army in Star Wars: The Clone Wars; a talk with the supporting players from A New Hope about their time on the set of the very first Star Wars movie; and an in-depth chat with Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi creature consultant Chris Walas.

Source Official Site
One Man Star Wars Trilogy Photo Op Sunday 28th September
Reported by Mark on 14 Sep 2014 20:44

Our pal Charlie Ross is back in the UK on his latest tour and here's the chance to be a part of that. Read on...

Charlie Ross, who is touring the UK with his One Man Lord of the Rings and One Man Star Wars Trilogy shows this autumn from 26 September until 17 October is inviting Lord of the Rings and Star Wars fans to dress up and join him in costume for a fun news photo call to celebrate the start of the tour! Come to the shows' London venue, Leicester Square Theatre, on Sunday 28 September at 12.45pm for 1.00pm photographs with Charlie. The shoot will finish by 1.30pm at latest. Nearest changing facilities are the public toilets in Leicester Square (or a nearby cafe/pub). Please note travel expenses cannot be covered, however everyone who attends will receive a special promotional code for discounted tickets to see the show on tour

Source One Man Star Wars Trilogy
Are These Photos Of Adam Driver & Gwendoline Christie On Episode VII Greenham Common Set?
Reported by Justin on 14 Sep 2014 20:36

Comic Book Movie alerts us to new Episode VII images that have been uploaded to Rick Lawrence's Facebook page that appear to show Adam Driver and Gwendoline Christie on the set at Greenham Common.

Rick Lawrence has shared a ton of Star Wars Episode VII set photos through his Facebook page, and they offer up our first look at the Rebel Alliance and a strange looking vehicle of some sort (which we would guess is for transporting troops). It's hard to tell, but the first two images definitely feature actors who appear to be Adam Driver (Girls) and Gwendoline Christie (Game of Thrones), and if not, they certainly bear a striking resemblance! Looks like they'll be good guys! More photos can be found by clicking on the link above, but here are a selection of some of the best.

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Source Comic Book Movie
RUMOR: Daniel Craig To Have Episode VII Role
Reported by Justin on 14 Sep 2014 20:18

An article posted on Metro is reporting that actor Daniel Craig has landed a "mystery role" in J.J. Abrams' upcoming Episode VII.

According to reports, Craig has already filmed his mystery role, which involved him heading to Pinewood Studios in secret for two days last week.

Fans might not even guess which part Craig is playing as his face won’t even be on screen, according to a source.

One insider told The Sun: ‘Daniel is close friends with JJ Abrams. He asked for some sort of secret cameo role – and was happy to have his name left off the posters.

‘Fans will love playing the guessing game trying to work out which covered-up character is Daniel.’

While he did a good job going undercover, Craig was spotted hanging out in the dressing room of Carrie Fisher, a friend of his, who is reprising her role as Princess Leia.

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Source Metro
Loot Crate - Star Wars Items in September Edition plus Competition
Reported by James on 14 Sep 2014 15:08

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We've teamed up with our friends at Loot Crate to giveaway one of Septembers boxes, take the link below to enter or click here to subscribe directly at Loot Crate.

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RUMORS: More On Episode VII Luke Timeline, Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, And John Boyega Filming Video
Reported by Justin on 14 Sep 2014 11:56

The latest round of Episode VII rumors have been posted via our friends at Making Star Wars, so here we go.

First off, sources have told them potential information on the popular "Luke is missing" timeline, some names that have been associated with Daisy Ridley's character, a connection between Adam Driver's Episode VII character and Count Dooku, and a few other topics.

Second, they posted a Tumblr entry that mentions an Episode VII extra that is scheduled to share screen time with Harrison Ford on Monday.

And finally, we have a few more photos taken from the Greenham Common set and a short video of John Boyega in action.

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Toys R Us "Secrets Of Star Wars Rebels" Star Destroyer Video
Reported by Justin on 14 Sep 2014 11:37

The latest entry in the Toys R Us "Secrets of Star Wars Rebels" series of promo videos has been posted on their site. This one places the spotlight on the Empire's deadly Star Destroyer.

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Source Toys R Us
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